Carpet cleaning in Glasgow

We offer professional carpet cleaning in Glasgow for commercial and domestic properties. We pride ourselves in tackling even the toughest carpet stains and will give your carpets a makeover making them look and smell fresher and cleaner.

Sometimes vacuuming a carpet is not enough to remove the dirt and grime which has built up over time. Vacuuming a carpet can lift so much dust but to get rid of bacteria and grime requires actual carpet cleaning. In these cases we can provide the expert help you need.

Our carpet cleaning methods

We will do an onsite inspection to ensure that we offer the right cleaning method for your carpet as well as discuss your particular requirements. If you require furniture moved off the carpet, then we can include this in our quotation for you. Our experienced carpet cleaners will be able to provide you with details of what they will do and how long it will take.

It is very important for our customers to understand that carpet stains are much easier to clean when they are still fresh. If the stain is left with time it gets harder to remove and this could mean that it will take more time for the cleaners to get it off. Stains which have an artificial origin are often harder to remove as well.Those include ketchup, jam, orange juice etc. Unlike natural products like fruits or vegetables, spots from ketchup for example could become close to impossible to remove if they are left for longer than a week.

Our customers recommend us because of our personal approach to their needs.

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